Social Media Content & Strategy Session

A monthly session to discuss content ideas, social media strategy, and post performance with our team.

Social Media Content & Strategy Meeting

Expert analysis & recommendations

This service consists of a monthly call with our marketing strategist to discuss content ideas, social media strategy, and review post performance for content previously published by our team.

If we can’t find a day and time to have this call, we can send an email with a monthly analysis and recommendations.

What's covered in this session?

  • Performance of your previous posts
  • Content ideas to appeal to your target audience
  • Suggested strategies to drive more engagement
  • Refining post styles (casual vs formal, promotional vs educational)
  • Post boosting strategy¬†
  • And more


Get one-on-one time to discuss strategy with a social media expert.


Gain a better understanding of best practices to improve social media performance.


Discover hands-on methods to improve social media presence and reach for your business.

Content & Strategy Session

~ 30min consulting call with a social media expert
$ 160 Monthly
  • Strategy call
  • Consultation
  • Tips & tricks
  • Performance review
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