The Top 5 Choices for Small Business Web Hosting Toronto in 2020

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As of 2020, over half of the world is online.

What does this mean for small business web hosting? 

Ultimately, it means options. Lots of options. Maybe too many to choose from.

Fortunately, when looking for the best website hosts for small businesses, don’t have to look any farther than below. Read on to learn about your top five choices for web hosts.

5 Top Choices for 2020 Small Business Web Hosting

With so many options for top website hosting options, you must narrow down your selection based on what you and your business need. Different website hosts for small businesses prioritize various features that can help you narrow down your best option.

1. Bluehost

Bluehost is an excellent option for your small business web hosting needs if you’re just beginning in the digital marketplace. There is a massive learning curve for the digital market, but Bluehost has precisely what you need.

Built for beginners, this boasts top website hosting status with its versatile hosting packages. Offering shared, virtual private server (VPS), and dedicated; you have options on top of options.

Whether you need high-level or low-level security, this is the best website hosting for small businesses in need of flexibility. The variety of options also allows for affordable pricing, too.

2. Flywheel

If you’re a fan of WordPress or if your small business involves design or creative services, Flywheel is the web host you need. The best website design, such as that offered by Bersona, keeps your data needs in mind when selecting website hosts for small businesses. 

If you need a top-rated, managed web host with free migration options (from one web host platform to another), consider Flywheel. They also charge only have of what WP Engine will cost you per month, too.

3. GoDaddy

One of the most popular options for the best web hosting in Toronto, or anywhere, is GoDaddy. It remains one of the most prominent names in the small business web hosting market. This web host is chock full of extra features. 

Additionally, GoDaddy is easy to set up manage. The only major drawback is that you will have to pay for all of those great extra features, due to its above-average prices.

4. DreamHost

DreamHost is the best web host for small business if you need a wide range of plans, especially shared web hosting. It offers unlimited bandwidth, emails, and websites. If you want cost-effective options and business-friendly features, consider this one out of all the website hosts for small businesses.


5. WP Engine

WP Engine is the go-to web hosting site for managed WordPress hosting. It offers month-to-month pricing, which is at a relatively high price. Of course, the price reflects the quality of the service. You also receive a free domain and SSL certificate, which are an added bonus. 

Web Hosting, Web Design, and More in 2020

Bersona offers all sorts of useful information for your small business web hosting needs. For the best web hosting Toronto has, consider us.

We also provide quality web design and more helpful information for promoting your small business online. Check out our website for more useful solutions today.

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