Open for Business: Return-to-Work Tips to Get You Back on Track

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COVID-19 is affecting businesses and employees alike. We’ve seen 95,699 cases in Canada alone. Despite the disease’s spread, many businesses feel ready to reopen and allow employees to return to work.

Before going back to work, it’s important to have a plan. Otherwise, you might make a dangerous mistake that could impact your entire team.

Here are the five steps you need to take before you reopen your business post-COVID. With these tips, you can prioritize your team’s health and safety. Get started with this guide today! 

1. Form a Team

First, form a team made of company leaders or personnel from different departments. You might consider adding external advisors such as public health experts to your planning team as well. 

Your team will help you develop a plan to return to work and help you communicate with your entire staff. 

2. Develop a Plan

You might need to develop individualized return to work plans based on different office locations or team members. For example, do you have enough office space for proper social distancing within your offices? Do your team members rely on public transportation to get to work?

You can use these resources as you develop your plan.

3. Consider Government Recommendations

Before going back to work, you’ll need to prepare your workplace.

Make sure to consult and monitor new guidelines issued by federal agencies and municipalities. For example, you should first consult the CDC’s Guidance for Businesses & Employers. 

According to the CDC, you’ll need to conduct regular health checks before resuming normal operations. Your employees will also need to wear face masks and utilize social distancing practices.

You’ll also need to improve your office build’s ventilation system accordingly. 

4. Comply With Local Orders

You’ll need to comply with state and local orders before you return to work. For example, some states have implemented curfews. You might need to adjust your work hours accordingly.

Other states require employees to wear face masks in the presence of others.

As you make these adjustments, use a phased approach. Give each member of your going-back-to-work team their own list of responsibilities. 

5. Support Your Staff

As employees begin returning to work, they’ll need your support. Make sure to educate your team regarding new protocols and processes. You’ll want to trace compliance and make necessary adjustments as well.

Consider limiting the number of people allowed in the office at a time. Maybe you’ll want to use staggered shifts to limit the number of people in a small space.

You might want to adjust your workspace. Do you want to make hallways one-way paths? How will you adjust your SEO marketing to attract customers?

This toolkit can help with your marketing efforts. Adjustments can help you adhere to social distancing guidelines. 

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Try These Return to Work Tips for Success

Ready to reopen your business post-COVID? A strong return to work plan can help you keep your team safe and healthy. Otherwise, you might put your staff at risk, which will only impact your company’s productivity further.

Start using these tips for reopening after quarantine today.

Want to discuss your post-COVID marketing? Contact us today to get started.

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